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God of War Art Director behind surprise release The Fidelio Incident

If you’re looking for a walking simulator that’s a lot more exciting than a stroll in the park, you’re in luck. Ken Feldman, art director on God of War 3, has just released The Fidelio Incident, the first title from his new studio Act 3 Games.

Described by Feldman as a “provocative thriller”, this atmospheric game begins with a plane crash into snowy mountainside. Separated from your wife, and with a secret to hide, you must find your way back to her while collecting any evidence of your previous life.

We love visually beautiful, story driven games at BVG, so it’s safe to say we were pretty excited by the announcement and immediate release of The Fidelio Incident. The trailer below encapsulates a dramatic narrative inspired by titles like Dear Esther and Firewatch, as well as the game’s primary inspiration – the opera Fidelio, written by Beethoven.

The Fidelio Incident is available now on Steam.


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