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Here’s Exactly When You Can Get Your Hands On Borderlands 3

A staggered release has fans planning a move down under…

Borderlands 3 is just days away, and it’s safe to say we’re more excited than Tiny Tina at a fireworks display. However, the release times worldwide have now been revealed, and they’re… well, a little complicated. With some pretty big differences between console and PC release times, some are fuming and others laughing all the way to their gaming chairs.

PC release times are fairly straightforward across the board, with everywhere releasing at 12am BST (GMT+1) on the 13th of September. That means that in Sydney you can play it at 9am on the 13th, but in LA you can play it at 4pm on the 12th.


On console it’s ever so slightly more complicated, with everywhere releasing at 12am local time on the 13th – except the west coast of America, which will be getting it at 9pm on the 12th. That means if you’re lucky enough to be playing it on console in New Zealand, you’ll have access for a minimum of two hours before everywhere else. Very jammy!


That said, it’s Borderlands – we’re pretty excited for the newest installment no matter when we play it.


Borderlands 3 releases on Epic store (PC), PS4, and Xbox One on the 13th of September.

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