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Mega Man 11 Revealed

Capcom surprised fans with a relaunch of the classic title

This week has been a glorious celebration of everything Mega Man at Capcom, culminating in the announcement of Mega Man 11.  Over seven years since the release of Mega Man 10, Capcom teased the announcement saying their Mega Man anniversary stream would be one fans “won’t want to miss”.

The game looks to be stylistically different from is predecessors, with a change in art style and scenery, though the gameplay seems to be very similar and the trailer shows the side-scrolling shooter at it’s best. There also seems to be a healthy mixture of new abilities and old favourites.

The announcement came alongside news the Mega Man X series will also be rereleased next year on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, as well as the Mega Man Legacy collection and Legacy Collection 2 on Switch.

Mega Man 11 will be released next year on PS4, Xbox One, Swtich and PC, and while that’s all we know so far, you can enjoy the trailer below.

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