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Overwatch nets Blizzard $1billion in less than a year

It’s pretty hard to believe that Overwatch has only been around for less a year, especially with today’s announcement that the hero shooter has already made over $1billion for Blizzard.

As the eighth billion-dollar franchise in the Activision Blizzard Family, the smash hit FPS has quickly caught up with veteran games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.

Overwatch hit the milestone mark through games sales and micro-transactions, after becoming the fastest game in Blizzard history to reach 30 million users. It also broke the company record for most active monthly users, beating out fan favourites like Destiny and Hearthstone.

However, it looks like celebrations are on hold until the official one year party on May 24, after Reddit user FailCraft mined the latest PC update and uncovered what could be an upcoming event.

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